Digital legal rights - know your rights

Website and mobile App 

There is very little information available to people informing them of their legal rights as suspects. In order to help in addressing this gap, Vicky has set up the website Know my Rights. This is the only website that informs suspects of their legal rights and assists them in searching for a publicly-funded defence lawyer. 

Also available are three animations, one that deals with the ethics of conducting research aimed at young participants, and two that deal with legal advice, one and a longer video. 

There is a 'video' section which shows four videos created by students at the University of Nottingham. They were reading from a script that was taken from the interviews conducted with children and young people when talking to them about the legal rights of suspects. The videos include: 'What is a voluntary interview?', 'Do I have to answer questions?', 'Do I need a lawyer?', and 'How to find a lawyer?'

The next stage has included working with Lesley Laver, a legal psychologist, on engaging with children and young people on social media, using animations to help inform them of their legal rights and to gain their feedback in seeking to adopt a 'child-centred' approach: see Twitter - @KnowmyrightsU. 

Just for Kids Law/Youth Justice Legal Centre have provided an example of using animation as a way of advising children and young people of their legal rights as suspects as follows: